Semana Santa en Haro, La Rioja

Holy Week in Haro

One of Spain's most unique and deeply-rooted festivities

If you are an enthusiast of discovering the tradition and culture of the destinations you travel to, Easter is the ideal time to visit Haro, the wine capital of La Rioja;

For those unfamiliar with this festival, the streets of Spain are transformed into the stage for dozens of processions commemorating the Passion and Death of Christ.

A solemn and heartfelt celebration with a religious background that moves locals and visitors alike. During the processions the silence takes over the streets, the faint light of the torches and the sculptures representing the Virgin and Christ take over the spectators.

For the people of Haro, Easter Week is not just a religious celebration, it is a time to bring the community together and celebrate its traditions with fervour. Every year, thousands of people gather in the streets to witness the impressive processions that wind through the town.

The processions are the heart of Holy Week in Haro. With their majestic religious images carried by the brotherhoods, the processions are a spectacle of devotion and faith.

Semana Santa en España

But make no mistake, there is also a lot of fun and joy in the atmosphere! The music of the marching bands accompanying the processions and the applause of the crowds create a unique atmosphere of celebration.

You can only experience this once a year. For this reason, don’t hesitate and escape to La Rioja at the end of March to combine gastronomy, the passion for wine, the architectural beauty of Haro and Easter Week just when the first rays of sunshine appear and the weather is perfect for enjoying outdoor activities.

Semana Santa en Haro, La Rioja


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