Welcome, this is Puracepa

Before continuing, we would like to open this space in the best way possible: by welcoming you.

Puracepa is the place where you can discover Rioja from Haro, enjoying our way of life. From here we want to bring you closer to the latest trends and new ways of doing things in La Rioja, to what is happening here, to the culture that comes out of Haro and that never stops evolving.

We want to tell you, to bring you a little closer to the world of Puracepa, of the authentic Haro. We want to make you feel our pride in being Riojan, to invite you to live it. We want to tell you so that you can experience what is happening in this land, how we move… From an afternoon with an intimate tasting in a new and modern winery to a morning of pure trekking along paths where wild nature and the vineyards of Rioja come together.

We offer you different ideas that revisit our tradition and provide new visions. Unique projects with their own personality in wine, but also in music, design and urban culture to bring you closer to this new old Rioja that is more alive than ever. Because the new Rioja wine culture is about much more than wine…

Shall we read each other?


C/ Esteban de Agreda 3, 26200 Haro, La Rioja.
(+34) 680 580 936