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The tapas and pintxos route through Haro, capital of Rioja, that you want to know...

Haro, considered the capital of wine, offers many options for a getaway that you will remember and talk about for a long time. And above all, and most importantly, one of those that you will enjoy at the time, walking through its streets, entering its bars, talking to its people,   glimpsing its vineyards and getting to know first-hand the day-to-day life of its wineries.


If you like to travel comfortably, leaving room for improvisation; if you like to explore without timetables and with freedom of movement, if you want to be master of your free time, you are from puracepa!


Yes, we take it for granted! If you choose Haro, you’re a lover of enjoyment, passionate about wine and gastronomy, culturally restless and a lover of life. That’s why today we suggest a tour of the best bars in the city. Because it’s all very well to wander aimlessly, but we won’t let you miss this authentic spot where “bar friends” meet, where improvised conversations take place, where tables get together and where you order another round, always the “penultimate” one.

Here is a selection of bars you need to know about in order to experience the authentic Haro, that of the people of La Rioja:

El Remolino

With a full bar and a smile on your face, that’s how you live day to day at El Remolino. For lovers of tapas and informal pintxos, this place is a must. Specialising in battered food, they offer a wide range of pintxos to choose from. Lean against the bar and enjoy the best of Rioja’s personality and hospitality.


Bar El Pasadizo

Known for its torreznos and for offering zurracapote all year round, this is a traditional drink of Easter and local festivals whose base ingredient is wine, with a sweet touch thanks to the fruits, cinnamon and other ingredients, drunk with joy and carefree. It is a modest and authentic bar, perfect for those who are looking for an informal atmosphere;


El Jarrero

One of the most traditional and picturesque restaurants in La Rioja, ideal for trying traditional Rioja cuisine. The good atmosphere, the quality of the service and the excellent value for money are outstanding;


Café El Sol

If you’re from this planet and you like tortilla de patatas, you’re probably already heading to Café El Sol, a centrally located place known for its juicy Spanish omelette. All seasoned with the best of Rioja’s friendly and welcoming character.


Café Terraza Kiosko

It is a pleasant option at any time of the day, from breakfast in the morning to the last drink. Its pleasant terrace around the kiosk makes it a good place to recharge your batteries and have a simple snack.

And after this route of pintxos and tapas we encourage you to stay tuned to our blog where we will be revealing the best of Haro and its surroundings, its neighbourhoods, wineries, cultural activities and routes through the most beautiful villages and trails in the region;

In Puracepa we have it clear, stay with us and enjoy a new way of getting to know La Rioja del Vino.



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